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What is NoteSavvy?

NoteSavvy is a decentralized public blockchain network that forms a community of students, allowing them to help each other by sharing class notes, offering peer tutoring, and asking and answering questions. By participating and contributing in the NoteSavvy community, students gain reputation points, and also earn tokens which can be redeemed for prizes!

Universities, Employers, and Teachers are also an important part of the NoteSavvy ecosystem. Universities and Employers can view a student's public profile and gain a deeper understanding of their interests and skills. They will also be able to advertise on the site and sponsor prizes. Teachers are also encouraged to conribute to the NoteSavvy community. Similarly to students, they can answer questions and offer tutoring; additionally, they will be allowed to create online study rooms for extra tokens and to organize collaborative work and group discussions.

NoteSavvy Ecosystem:


  • Peer-run community by students, for students
  • Helping others benefits everyone. Gain reputation points and earn prizes!
  • Find quick help for difficult classwork
  • Entend your social network beyond the classroom

Employers and Universities

  • Find and recruit top students
  • Public profiles allow you to quickly find students with particular skills and interests
  • Sponsor prizes and awards to drum up interest in your organization


  • Assist students who need additional help
  • Use the platform to organize collaborative work and group discussions
  • Bridge gaps and increase participation with students


Modern Upgrade to an Age-Old Institution


Advertise, Recruit, and Excite Interest


Network, Help Peers, and Earn Rewards


Enhance Participation with Students

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